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Western horses

Strength, vivacity and balance. Set your horse up for success.

Western riding requires a true connection between horse and rider. The horse must always react instantly to instructions without being “hot-headed”, so diet plays a key role in achieving an outstanding performance while guaranteeing an optimum psychophysical balance. With the right amount of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, you can enjoy a perfectly fit, well-balanced, high-performance horse who is full of explosive energy and ready to compete at their best and help you to achieve your goal: victory.

Choose the best for your Western horse, choose the perfect feed for their unique dietary requirements.

Mangimi cavalli linea fuoriclasse Porrini Franco spa

Fuoriclasse Multifioc

Explosive energy, first-class performance, endurance, strength and calmness. Multifioc is specially designed to ensure that horses performing in Western competitive events and equitation have just the right energy intake, look great, stay healthy, perform well and keep a steady temperament.

Mangimi per cavalli linea In Forma Porrini Franco spa

In Forma Light

With its balanced calorie content, Fitness Light helps horses to keep fit, maintain their wellbeing and provide the energy they need to tackle their sporting challenges without altering their temperament.

mangimi cavalli linea mash | Porrini


Help your horse to recharge their batteries and rehydrate after a competition or long journey. Porrini Mash ensures all the benefits of a traditional mash plus the essential nutrients to enhance your horse’s wellbeing.

Ricerca tecnologia innovazione produzione alimenti per cavalli Porrini Franco spa

Research, technology and innovation

Thanks to our relentless research, use of advanced technologies, careful observation, and in-depth understanding of horses and the world of equitation, we deliver innovative solutions that give horses, riders, and yards exactly what they need.
This is how we support you day in day out, and provide all the help you need to keep your horse’s health and wellbeing on top form.

On the yard

Some aspects of your horse’s diet, health and lifestyle warrant closer examination as these are the details that can make a real difference to the horse’s performance, health, condition, and temperament.
You can find answers, ideas and information in this section that help your horse to lead a long, happy, and healthy life.

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