Horse beddings

Keep your horse well rested and healthy with quality bedding.

Horses spend most of their time in their stable, so ensuring they have soft, comfortable bedding on which to relax after exercise or a hack is essential. Bedding has a major impact on a horse’s health and wellbeing which is why it is so important to check that it is healthy and the moisture and dust levels. An unsuitable choice can cause so many problems, so when choosing from the wide range of beddings on the market (different types of straw, shavings, coconut fibre, peat, leaves, sawdust, rice husks, etc.) it is advisable to work out which is the best not just for the horse, but also for how the yard is run, particularly with regard to keeping costs down, storage and disposal.

Porrini bedding is made exclusively with premium quality virgin pine wood without any joinery waste, which often contains glue, chemicals, and other harmful substances.

The soft, fluffy shavings are highly absorbent and meticulously cleaned to remove any enzymes and dust. As a completely natural product, Porrini bedding is not only perfect for guaranteeing your horse’s health and wellbeing by protecting hooves, ligaments, tendons, joints, and sensitive airways, it also has a positive effect on the temperature and air quality in the stable. Plus, once it has been used and properly composted, it becomes eco-friendly waste that can be easily disposed of by the yard.

Lettiera Truciolo Allspan - Porrini

Allspan Shavings

Allspan bedding for horses is made with a process that involves drying, sieving and extracting the dust to produce exceptionally pure shavings of the highest quality that remain in perfect condition even with long-term storage.

Lettiera Truciolo Eurospan - Porrini

Eurospan Shavings

Eurospan bedding is made exclusively from virgin timber from the silver fir. The high-quality wood undergoes premium treatments so the shavings are soft, healthy, and free from any dust or potentially harmful enzymes with the perfect level of moisture.

Lettiera Truciolo Happy Horse Volume - Porrini

Happy Horse Volume Shavings

Thanks to a special processing technique, the shavings in Happy Horse Volume bedding form a comfy “natural mattress” that encourages horses to lay down and sleep soundly, which is essential for their health. 100% biodegradable, this bedding also has a positive effect on the temperature and air quality in the stable.

Lettiera Truciolo Baltic Woodland

Baltic Woodland Shavings

Made of Riga Pine, Baltic Woodland bedding is the essential oil-rich, dust-free shavings to improve the horse’s well-being. The mixture of different sized fibres guarantees excellent absorbency and a soft floor.

Shavings: Porrini’s technology brings you the ideal solution for well-rested horses.

Hygienic, dry, and dust free. Thanks to their high absorbency, softness, elasticity and hassle-free storage and disposal, Porrini shavings are the ideal solution for yards facing the daily challenge of keeping stables clean and healthy while optimising running costs.

The benefits of Porrini bedding

The shavings used in Porrini bedding rapidly absorb moisture and odours as they contain carbon that soaks up the underlying layer (urine) and prevents the formation of ammonia, which is harmful to horses. This minimises the amount of shavings needed during the lifecycle of a bed, which means less mucking out and disposal and better value for money, so that’s good news for yards trying to contain their running costs.

Our beddings undergo special treatments and dust extraction so they are ideally suited to horses with allergies as the shavings ensure a dust-free environment in the stable.

Allspan, Eurospan and Happy Horse beddings are 100% natural products made exclusively from untreated virgin timber and quality control tested on a regular basis.

Analyses performed for CHC (PCP), PCP and heavy metals

The content of CHC HCB, α-HCH, β-HCH, γ-HCH, δ-HCH, Heptachlor, trans-Heptachlor Epoxide, α-Chlordane, γ-Chlordane, α-Endosulfan, Aldrin, Endrin, o,p1-DDE, p,p1-DDE, Dieldrin, o,p2-DDD, p,p-DDD, o,p1-DDT and p,p1-DDT and also the 7 PCB (PCP-28, PCP-52, PCB-101, PCB-118, PCB-153 and PCB-138) and PCP-180 detected in the beddings are below the limits of determination (u.B. = < 0.001 mg/kg).

Likewise, pentachlorophenol (PCP) could not be detected in the interval (u.B. = < 0.001 mg/kg).

Heavy metals in the bedding:

Lead (Pb) u.B. (limit of quantification = 10 mg/kg)

Cadmium (Cd) 0.1 mg/kg (limit of quantification = 10 mg/kg)

Chromium (Cr) u.B. (limit of quantification = 2 mg/kg)

Copper (Cu) u.B. (limit of quantification = 0.5 mg/kg)

Nickel (Ni) u.B. (limit of quantification = 1.25 mg/kg)

Zinc (Zn) 9.65 (limit of quantification = 0.2 mg/kg)

Mercury (Hg) u.B. (limit of quantification = 0.02 mg/kg)

The best way to use Porrini bedding

For best results and performance from your Porrini shavings, put down a layer of bedding that is at least 15 cm deep – the ideal depth is 20 cm. When bedding down for the first time in a stable measuring 12 m2 , use 7 – 8 bales to ensure that the bed is deep enough for your horse and reduce the amount of shavings that need to be added later on.

How to prepare your stable:

Spread an even layer of shavings of at least 15 cm deep over the floor of a 12 m2 stable.
Over the next 12 – 14 days remove the wet shavings with a shovel and bank up against a wall of the stable to enlarge the bed and let the ammonia evaporate.
If necessary, add clean shavings wherever a space has been created.
The dry bedding that had been banked up against the stable can be reused after 12 – 14 days, reducing the need to top up by adding new shavings.
Make sure that the top layer of bedding is always dry.

This method ensures that less ammonia is produced, provides optimum insulation, and creates a thick enough bed to reduce the risk of your horse injuring itself when it lays down or gets up. It also cuts down the amount of time needed to muck out the stable.