Leonardo Fiorelli

As the son of a rider who has grown up in one of the top European yards for horse shows, the Equieffe Equestrian Centre, Leonardo knows what he wants and is following his dream with determination and commitment.

Leonardo Fiorelli, an Italian and international show jumper, has inherited his passion for horses and competing from his father Emanuele, a federation instructor and owner of the Equieffe Equestrian Centre. Born and raised in the stables, Leonardo understands horses and how to handle them even though he began competing relatively late on. He hopes his future will focus on competitions and the yard, sporting commitments and working with horses, so he can carry on the family tradition and bring home the wins.

So with horses in his blood, Leonardo has the ability to establish a very special, close relationship with them, a relationship that he can “feel in his bones” and stems from handling all aspects of their care. Leonardo manages his horses’ exercise, their life in the stables, and their diet and nutrition.

Based on the experience of the Equieffe Equestrian Centre and that of Leonardo, the most common mistakes people make with horses are providing the wrong feed, and lapses in preparation and stress management when travelling and at shows… lots of little details that influence the horses’ wellbeing and performance. That is why having the support of a good team of experienced experts that knows how to handle the preparation of both horse and rider can make a real difference.

For example, when it comes to feeding, every top-level horse has specific requirements which need to be recognised and met with feed that not only provides all the energy they need, but also takes into consideration their temperament or whether they are going through a stressful, problematic time,” Leonardo explains. “My experience on my family’s yard has taught me the immense added value of having nutritionists and feed producers like Porrini who are competent, responsive and willing to help.”

Every competition teaches you something important both when you win and especially when you lose. You must always be willing to acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them and never rest on your laurels when everything goes well. Leonardo may be young, but he has a good head on his shoulders and is keen to work patiently and tenaciously to pursue his dreams.

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