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Specialità Line

Horse feed Specialità Line - Porrini

The perfect mix specifically designed.

Careful attention to the individual needs of horses has led to the development of Specialità, the personalised line that can be mixed according to the customer’s requirements. Because only those who own a horse know exactly what it needs.

This Specialità line contains only cereal flakes, but bran or soya can be added to the formula making it one’s own special variant.

Ricerca tecnologia innovazione produzione alimenti per cavalli Porrini Franco spa

Research, technology and innovation

Thanks to our relentless research, use of advanced technologies, careful observation, and in-depth understanding of horses and the world of equitation, we deliver innovative solutions that give horses, riders, and yards exactly what they need.
This is how we support you day in day out, and provide all the help you need to keep your horse’s health and wellbeing on top form.

Porrini Franco spa

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