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Supplement ranges for horses

Harnessing research and technology for horses' natural wellbeing.

Every choice we make as a company is driven by the same passion that drives you; a passion for these magnificent animals. Whether you ride for sport or purely for pleasure or look after the horses stabled on your yard, all you want for each one of those horses is a long, healthy life infused with optimum wellbeing and vitality. Our mission is to support horses’ health with products to suit all disciplines throughout their lives. That’s why we have devised a range of complementary feeds that offer every type of horse high-quality technical support to help them to always perform at their best .

Feeding the right supplements containing highly bioavailable trace elements, vitamins, bioregulators, natural herbs and everything you need to keep horses healthy is extremely important not just for countering common dietary deficiencies and aiding competitive performance, but also for helping horses in training, on studs, and during every stage of their growth.

Alimenti complementari integratori per cavalli elettroliti Porrini Franco


Sweating causes horses to lose electrolytes, which can lead to a drop in performance. Supplementing is essential for preventing cramps and allowing horses to perform to their potential.

Alimenti complementari integratori per cavalli performance Porrini Franco


Just like any other athlete, competition horses have specific requirements and need the right dietary support to aid performance. Supplementing important proteins, preventing anaemia, and aiding the dynamic balance of red blood cells play an essential role in ensuring horses perform at their best.

Integratori alimenti complementari per cavalli Porrini Franco

Bones and muscles

Thanks to specially formulated supplements, we can ensure optimal musculoskeletal health, aid the reduction of pain, inflammation and degenerative processes, and maintain strong, healthy bones.

Integratori alimenti complementari per cavalli cura degli zoccoli Porrini Franco

Hoof care

Providing proper hoof care for horses is vitally important as hooves act as shock absorbers and protect the structures inside the hoof during exercise. In addition to routine cleaning, shoeing and sanitising, a zinc supplement is recommended for enhancing elasticity, integrity and strength to keep horses’ hooves strong and healthy.

Integratori alimenti complementari per cavalli apparato respiratorio Porrini Franco

Respiratory System

A horse's respiratory system is extremely complex and requires special care and attention to keep it healthy. Adding supplements to the diet can be greatly beneficial to a horse's respiratory function.

Integratori alimenti complementari per cavalli cura dermatologica Porrini Franco

Skin care

Horses are susceptible to a wide range of skin problems. Adding specially designed supplements to their feed can help to keep their skin healthy and protected.

Integratori alimenti complementari per cavalli apparato digerente e intestinale Porrini Franco

The digestive system

The key to a healthy horse is healthy digestion. The balance of the digestive system can be easily upset by any changes in diet, a hard workout, overall health, emotional wellbeing, and even by taking medication. By adding specially designed supplements to our horses’ feed we can protect their sensitive digestive system and gut.

Integratori alimenti complementari per cavalli funzionalità epatica renale Porrini Franco

Liver and kidney function

Liver and kidney disorders commonly occur in top-level competition horses, so it is important to supplement their feed with specially designed products to keep them fit and healthy.

Integratori alimenti complementari per cavalli vitaminici Porrini Franco

Vitamin supplements

Ensuring that horses have a correct intake of vitamins is essential at every stage of their life. Certain situations, such as convalescence, growth, and preparation for breeding, require special attention and the addition of vitamin and mineral supplements to complement the proper diet.

Integratori alimenti complementari per cavalli calmers Porrini Franco


Just like in humans, stress is a horse’s natural response when overstimulated by the surrounding environment. Stress upsets horses and can even lead to changes in behaviour and nervous twitches. Situations that cause stress should be avoided by ensuring horses have optimum psychophysical wellbeing and supplementing the diet with specific trace elements when necessary.

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