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Since the beginning the company Porrini Franco has been studying specific products for the right nourishment of the horse. Each animal has its own physical qualities and its own needs according to the performed activities. For this reason the nutritionists of Porrini Franco have studied five food lines meeting at best the nutritional requirement of your horse in any moment of its life, from growth to sport activities.

In Forma Line

The appropriate balance of essential nutrients that maintain non-competing horses in shape.
The In Forma line has been developed specifically for sports horses that need a balanced and healthy diet. A balanced calory intake helps the animal stay fit, thus preserving its wellness and ensuring the right energy dose necessary to face sport events.
The In Forma range includes Fibra, Light, Nutrilight and Foraggio Pellet.

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Fuoriclasse Line

Explosive energy, high performance and endurance. The perfect feed for racehorses.
The "First-rater" line is addressed to competing horses. It contains all the nutritional principles indispensable to give horses the necessary energy to face the sport challenges, to maintain their muscular tone and to keep them reactive.
Fuoriclasse Line products are Multifioc, Nutrifioc and Grand Prix.

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Grey Power Line

For sports horses that are subjected to very intense and explosive efforts, this is the ideal feed that satisfies the sudden requirements of energy. Only the best for racehorses who are pushed hard over medium-short distances. Grey Power satisfies that sudden need for energy but neither forgoes excellent conditions of appearance, alertness, vigour and strength,nor alters the emotional state of the horse. The Grey Power line contains highly digestible nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to ensure maximum performance for competing horses.

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Breeding Line

The perfect nutritional balance for foals and broodmares.
The "Breeding" line is produced to meet the specific nutritional needs of brood-mares and colts which are facing a delicate phase of their life and need therefore to intake specific quantities of proteins, fats and fibers.
Porrini Franco has formulated two complete feeds for horse breeders, Growfioc and Mediallevamento.

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Specialità Line

Personalised feed for your horse.
Each horse is unique and has specific needs and requirements. Porrini Franco knows it perfectly and has therefore studied a special nutritional program specific for demanding horses.

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