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The tranquillity of a regenerating and healthy sleep

The beddings by Porrini Franco s.p.a. are the flagship among the offered products. This high quality article is 100% natural and has been developed to ensure a regenerating and healthy sleep to the horse. The used shavings derive exclusively from virgin timber of selected silver fir. They are the first cuts imported from Central-Northern Europe and are categorically free from any particle deriving from joinery trashes, which often contain residues of glue, chemicals and other horse noxious materials.

The timber chosen by the company is the silver fir because its specific weight is the lowest among the different types of timbers: the shavings are therefore softer and the beddings are voluminous and comfortable. Thanks to its features the fir boasts a high absorbing capacity and is, therefore, more hygienic and with a low resin content.

The company Porrini has combined the natural benefits with the advantages of its qualified experience by treating the chosen timber through a precise cleaning process. In particular, through a specific suction procedure, the shaving is freed from enzymes and dust, which, if inhaled, could damage the horse lungs. The 100% natural origin of the Allspan and Eurospan beddings makes them an ecologic waste, which, after being used and stocked, can be easily disposed. This confirms the company sensitivity towards the safeguard of the environmental balances.

Allspan Bedding

The processing of the ALLSPAN shavings foresees the exclusive use of selected raw materials, which consist 100% of soft and valuable timber and which are guaranteed not to have been subject to treatments noxious to the horse health.
The ALLSPAN planing shavings are produced with a particular process. After completing the drying, sieving and dust suction operations the modern closed plants used by Porrini allow the production of an extremely pure and very high quality product which is not altered by the passing of the time and is internationally famous. The shavings are sold in 30-kilo or 26-kilo bales; they are loaded respectively on industrial pallets weighing 12.60 quintals each and on 19-bale Europallets to be returned.

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Eurospan Bedding

The 100% natural origin of the Eurospan bedding makes it an ecologic waste, which, after being used and stocked, can be easily disposed. This confirms the company sensitivity towards the safeguard of the environmental balances.
The Eurospan shavings derive exclusively from virgin timbers of silver fir, a valuable timber which undergoes the best processing phases in order to ensure the lack of dusts and the creation of a leading product on the European market. After facing all processes necessary for the dust removal and the sawdust sieving, the product is pressed in bales weighing 25 kilos each and is placed on 18-bale pallets.
This packaging protects the products towards external atmospheric agents and guarantees the preservation of the product features.

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Happy Horse Bedding

Made of pure fir and spruce wood and dust-extracted several times, HAPPY HORSE Holzedelstreu provides a 100% natural, biodegradable, soft and fragrant bed that is not only gentle on the hooves, ligaments and tendons of your horse, but also protects its sensitive respiratory tract . More than that, also has a positive effect on the temperature and air quality in the stable and helps to reduce labour and material used for scattering and mucking out.
HAPPY HORSE Holzedelstreu enables dust free handling and saves daily mucking out. It is sufficient just to remove the droppings and particularly wet shavings, then once a week scatter 1 to 3 bales of new bedding.

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